Talk To Your Optometrist About Managing Your Cataracts

21 March 2023
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Cataracts are something that could happen to anyone. These happen when the lens in your eye starts to get cloudy. The lens helps to focus light into your eye, so as the lens gets cloudy, it starts to make it harder for you to see because there is less light available to use to focus. When you have cataracts, things begin to look fuzzy, you have a hard time seeing colors, and seeing at night is difficult. The biggest issue with cataracts is that they are sneaky. The process generally happens slowly enough that you don't realize you have a problem until it suddenly becomes a problem. Luckily, cataracts are curable, and there are strategies you can use to manage your cataracts when they aren't very severe. 

Magnifying Glasses

One of the problems that people with cataracts have to deal with is that tiny print, and eventually, even regular-size print is hard to see. Some kind of magnifying device will make it easier for you to see small print. Magnifying devices come in a wide variety of styles, including page-sized devices that you can place over the page of a book, a menu, or other objects around that size. You can also get magnifying devices with lights to make it easier to see in low-light situations. 

Brighter Lights

Another way that you can manage your cataracts is to add to the available light by using brighter lightbulbs. One issue with that is that your eyes may also be sensitive to the light, so it will be something that you have to balance out. You may find that using small lamps with a bright bulb that you can point where you need it will work better for you. 


There is only one real treatment for cataracts, and that is to have surgery done. Your doctor may want to wait until cataracts make it too hard for you to do your typical day-to-day things like driving, working on the computer, or reading. The surgery is generally an outpatient one, and you will be able to see quickly. The surgeon doing your surgery will take your lens out and put in a replacement lens which will get rid of the cataracts and may also help to correct your vision so that you can see better in general. 

If you have cataracts or are worried about having them, check with your optometrist to see what can be done. For more information, contact a company like the Eye Institute of Mississippi.